Easy Cardio Exercises Anybody Can Do

It’s all too easy for us to say “I’m too busy to exercise” or “I’ll get to that later”.


Exercise is CRITICAL to a healthy life – especially with all the processed rubbish we put into our bodies nowadays.

These exercises can be done by all people easily. You are able to incorporate these exercises in your daily life. These workouts are recommended for anyone who wants to increase their fitness or yes even to start losing weight. They can help you burn your calories and fat immediately.

Here are a couple of easy suggestions:

1. Circuit training

If you want to lose a few pounds or just generally gain some fitness, you should consider circuit training. This method combines several aerobic exercises with some resistance training sessions. Circuit training is very useful to deliver high intensity workout. You are able to create your own routine easily. A good training can combine the anaerobic and aerobic exercises at the same time. When you do this training regularly, you can also improve your stamina level significantly.

Many local counties are now seeing the benefits of heart friendly initiatives like this and installing equipment that supports circuit training routines.

2. Stair training

This training is another good cardio exercise that you can do easily. It can help you increase your stamina level significantly. Stair exercise is also very useful to tone your lower body parts, including all muscles around your legs, hips, feet, and some other body parts. When you want to lose your weight quickly, you should consider doing this training session. You can use the staircase in your own property, such as home, apartment, or even office building.

Some local stadiums also open their doors to allow for stair training. Free and easy exercise that is interesting!

3. Hiking

If you love natural things, you can consider this simple tip. You can find some interesting hiking places around your neighborhood. Hiking can bring a lot of health benefits for all people. It can make you sweat everyday. Hiking can improve your muscular fitness, maintain your healthy weight, reduce your depression, lubricate your joints, and bring many other health benefits.

One of the easiest suggestions here, but still just as important an option for those want to increase their fitness!

4. Swimming

Many people love swimming because this activity is very interesting. You don’t have to do a lot of efforts when you want to do this activity regularly. Swimming is believed to be a good cardio exercise today. It is able to burn up to 350 calories when it is done properly. It is recommended that you do this activity at least 2 – 3 times a week. Swimming can improve your body movements significantly.

5. Jogging

If you don’t have a lot of cash for engaging in some expensive exercises, you can easily do this exercise. It is one of the most affordable cardio exercises today. You can do this around your neighborhood. Jogging is not only good for losing weight, but also for improving your heart health. Jogging is one of the best cardiovascular activities that you can do regularly.

6. Outdoor cycling

This is another ever increasing in popularity exercise today. If you love traveling, this is a great avenue to explore. Most cycling activities can burn about 350 – 400 calories. It is a great cardio exercise that can burn your fat and calories quickly. Cycling is also good to train your leg muscles, hips, abs, and some other body parts easily. You should be able to enjoy your activity when you are cycling around your neighborhood, or further afield.

7. Belly dancing

Hey, let’s put a weird one in! If you love dancing, you should try this activity. This is an interesting activity for most people today. All people are able to learn about belly dancing easily. This movement can help you achieve your slim body easily. It can also help you improve your posture significantly. If you want to have good appearance or body shape, you should consider doing this famous dancing style.

8. Kettlebell training

This is one of the most common exercises that you can do easily, but it does require equipment. This workout is considered as a good cardio exercise. You are able to train your whole body parts with this training method. There is no complicated procedure that you can do with your kettlebell. You only need to purchase this item to support your exercises. It is recommended that you do Kettlebell training for about 30 – 45 minutes a day.


So there you go, there’s some simple exercises that you can follow and implement into your weekly routine easily. You are able to lose your weight quickly when you do some of those exercises regularly. But of course if you want to gain maximum benefits from those activities, you also need to live in a healthy lifestyle. Make sure that you consume a lot of healthy food products for supporting your weight loss program. You can also take some supplements for losing your weight quickly.

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Max Reynolds

Max has over 15 years of experience leading group exercise classes and providing personal training. He is passionate about fitness and believes anyone has the power and ability to live a happy, healthy life.