What Is Deadlifting?

Deadlifting refers to a weight training exercise where one lifts a loaded barbell from the ground to the hips, then lowers the barbell back to the ground. You can also use dumbbells, or kettlebells with either one hand or both hands when performing deadlift. It is a great exercise if you want to work your upper and lower body to build some muscles.

Important tips when doing a deadlifting exercise

It is essential to follow the right way of doing a deadlift so that you end up achieving your goal without getting hurt. There are some dos and don’ts when carrying out this exercise and they include the following:

  • Always perform this exercise with the right tools – It is very important to wear an exercise belt to protect your tummy just in case the weight falls on your stomach.
  • Start step by step from beginner’s level – You can never learn how to do a deadlift in a single day, otherwise you will might incur a serious injury. Start with the easy or lighter deadlift exercises before moving to the advanced level.
  • Never lift the bar very fast – Lifting the bar very fast does not imply that you will build more muscles as most people tend to think. In fact your upper body gets more firm by lifting it slowly and that is why even body builders usually lift weights slowly.
  • Limit the exercise to once per week – This exercise mainly focuses on the muscles which need a break too. This is important in order to prevent your arms from being sore. What matters is how well you do the deadlifting even if it is once weekly and not how often you do it.
  • You should not squat too low – Always ensure that you squat to the right level because you might not be able to lift the weight if you squat too low. You can ask the trainer or instructor to show you how to squat.
  • Always maintain a straight posture – It is very important to straighten your posture so that you do not strain your back with the weight.
  • Avoid taking very long breaks – It is recommended that you take a maximum of one minute break when deadlifting in order to fully strengthen your muscles and for your body to get used to the exercise.
  • Observe proper timing – You have to time yourself so that you do not overdo the exercise or strain your body all in the name of keeping fit or building muscles. In fact 20 minutes of serious deadlifting is enough to build those muscles.

Benefits of deadlifting exercise

There are several benefits that come with carrying out deadlifting exercise appropriately and these range from health benefits to other benefits.

  • It requires little time for you to exercise and keep fit. Unlike most exercises, you can only do a deadlift for twenty minutes and realize fully engage your body muscles to exercise. In fact, doing this exercise appropriately just twice weekly is enough.
  • It helps to burn fat in the body because with time it builds muscles all over one’s body. You will start developing muscles in your legs, arms and most parts of your body.
  • It strengthens your grip system. You will find that with time you develop a better grip because you are used to holding lifting the barbell firmly when deadlifting.
  • It helps one to attain an athletic body as a result of the weight you lift quite often.
  • It increases the level of testosterone in the body and can even double it. This is a great health benefit because testosterone is quite essential for the heart and sex life.
  • It boosts overall strength. You will notice that you are actually stronger if you are used to the deadlift exercise and hence gives you more confidence.
  • You reduces your chances of having a back pain if you are used to lifting weights because your core becomes more stable.

There are also other minor benefits that you will realize when you make this exercise a part of your routine. It is very important to do it the right way. Those who have done deadlifting will agree that it actually builds muscles and the end result is a great body.

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Max Reynolds

Max has over 15 years of experience leading group exercise classes and providing personal training. He is passionate about fitness and believes anyone has the power and ability to live a happy, healthy life.